In official terms, our business is the provision of credit facilities to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across various sectors. We offer market responsive, competitive and tailored financing solutions to emerging businesses across various stages of development.

In human terms, we back visions and power the efforts that deliver them. Put differently, our end game is not the transaction itself, but the impact of the transaction on our shared destiny as a country and as a continent.


This is the business we’re in and what we’re in business for.


The SME sector is growing, as it should, and holds promise for South Africa as a high-potential global player. The biggest inhibitor of growth among SMEs is the limited access to finance, i.e.:

  • Equity Capital - to build institutional capacity and grow the business.

  • Working Capital - to sustain operations.

  • Project Finance - to deliver successful and profitable infrastructure projects.


While the government does offer a variety of solutions, transactions take too long to materialise and SMEs either miss out on opportunities or fail to honour orders and contractual obligations due to lack of funds.

Banks and other financial institutions generally have very little interest in funding SMEs due the perceived risk profile of most SMEs, citing:

  • Government’s long payment cycles.

  • SMEs’ unfavourable trading history, lack of relevant competencies, absence of proper financial records and lack of processes, systems and controls.


Our strongly held view is that the change we need requires a mindset shift. Our offering has been conceptualised and structured to reflect this needed shift.

The new mindset is evident in our value proposition:


  • Big Picture - funding is more than just a transaction. We always consider the impact beyond.

  • Customisation - each business is unique. After all, so are the people behind it. We see more where others see only risk. That’s why we are able to help where others can’t.

  • Speed - in the fast-moving business world, speed in securing funding may be the difference between a breakthrough and failure. We have structured our processes to establish a benchmark in efficiency.

  • Holistic Support - Through sister companies and other partnerships, we offer an ecosystem, not a service.




To grow businesses and impact economies through the provision of market-responsive business-to-business finance solutions.


To become the most successful SME finance partner in the African continent, and to leverage such success to do more.


  • Partnership - That’s what backing visions and powering efforts behind them are about.

  • Transparency - This is the foundation of meaningful partnerships. 

  • Caring - We care. That’s why we help where others won’t.

  • Sustainability - Success is a success if its impact lasts.